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Terrified – tekst piosenki

Somehow we lost the very light
that lit our future
We let our guard down for a night
To relieve the pressure

So we tried to go back in time
Before the wound was open
It was too late to make things right
The bond was broken

Sometimes I wish that we never tried
I’m terrified

Together we can prevail
We cannot afford to fail
We all know that hope is frail
(As) nothing really lasts forever

Somehow we lost the very fight
That shouldn’t be lost
We were supposed to be alright
No matter what the cost

We promised not to take the path
That led to our own end
We were like kids, the sun was bright
Together we would stand

However I did my best
I gave it all, no one can contest
I swear I didn’t pray
For this to happen that way
I’m terrified

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