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Discovery – tekst piosenki

The facade has begun to deteriorate
Centuries of research condensed into code
All for naught as the data is corrupted
Fed from birth the tales of our creation
Painted images of the oasis we inhabit
Confident of our own autonomy
Freewill, the foundation of our construction
We were most grossly deceived
The bonds of our oppressors lay dormant
Intangible and unassuming
Sedated & content in our unapparent bondage
And from our contention came complacency
This laboratory was built as an act of hubris
A vulgar blasphemy in the face of discovery
A Tower of Babel in these modern times
How naive our pursuit of understanding
Flying in treacherous proximity to the sun
Our wings of wax now melted as we plunge
Further from the enlightenment we sought
The answers we yearned for were replaced
By revelations in the latter days of the collider
This was a mistake in experimentation
There is bliss and comfort in ignorance
Childlike, our desire for understanding
Noble, our quest for information
Cosmic self-awareness is grossly overvalued
Our heads now violently pulled from the sand
This is not a portal that we have discovered
The blinders were just removed from our eyes
We stared for what lay beyond the horizon
When the greatest secrets were peripheral

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