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Deep In The Night

Deep In The Night – tekst piosenki

I had the feeling something’s not right
As you went out that door
Went through a nightmare the other night
As I woke it up was real

And your behaviour just shows the truth
There’s secrets you withhold
Oh but let me tell you I’m not a fool
Go and play your games

The fat is on the fire you call me a liar
It’s all so crystal clear
There is no progress it’s the same old mess – with you

Deep in the night
When our love is turning
Into a fight
You cheat on me
Deep in the night
I’m tired of your excuses
There’s something you hide
I’m not your fool anymore

Tell all your friends that I am aware
Of that they gave you alibis
The gift you have is not so rare
In the streets of lies

You are a sinner but you play the saint
I just can’t trust you anymore
Oh you keep denying but I have proof
You’re dating more than one
Oh all these magical nights with you
There’s so many and more we could have
But I gotta break up and go

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