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Secular Magick

Secular Magick – tekst piosenki

A torch lights the way
United in ratio, we ward off the scouring
Among the shadows we induce our rites
For the manifestation of human rights

A secret society must infiltrate
To ensure separation of church and state
N.W.O. ain’t got shit on us
As long as the people stand as one

Against all
Oppression and any doctrine
out to bewitch you and your kin
Cursed to live a life of undeath
as sweat and blood oils their machines

Casting spells through digital recitations
Infusing sigils with Marxist and Anarchist vibrations

Ink the book of shadows with the blood of fascist hogs
Incantations must be closed with: Nazi Punks Fuck Off

A torch sets aflame
the inner workings of the “home of the brave”

The trve secvlar magick is tapped into standing in harmony
against the wizards of theocracy

Go where the torch is lit

Tłumaczenie tekstu piosenki Secular Magick