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Council of Wyrms

Council of Wyrms – tekst piosenki

The cold dark
Surrounding the pale moon
A delegating faceless evil
One more
King among the rot
Another ritual to suffer

Show me to the council
A higher power of flesh and bile
Force worship
Gain power
You can’t stand on splintered heels

A thousand eyes are staring
Watching when you think you’re alone
Your god shrouded in darkness
You cannot see that which has no form

Underneath the unrelenting pressure
Bones crack and hope loses
Bow to your god
Hands bound in constant prayer
Mouth sewn shut
Hear nothing say nothing
Do as your told
Drilled in and taken root
Do as your told

Do as your told
Servant of holiness
Do as your told while you’re blind to the truth

Oh god
What have I become?

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