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Flo Milli

Flo Milli – tekst piosenki

Motherfucker, I kill
Copyright my shit ’cause weird bitches like to steal (Ew)
Don’t call me Milli for no reason, went from broke to gettin’ mills (Duh)
I keep laughin’ all the way to regions, ha, I just signed a new deal (Okay)

Cruisin’ in Beverly Hills, 'member them days I was stuck in the crib?
He say he fought me, that was a fill
I’m way too up, like be for real
A millionaire, fine brown with Nigerian hair
Flow sick, spit bacteria in here (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Your criteria compared to those less scary hoes I don’t fear (HA, damn)
Watch how a bitch switch up, shit, I ain’t even shed a tear
When you see my call, you better not let it ring
Answer, say my fuckin’ name (Hello?)
Say my name, say my name, say my fuckin’ name
She’s a beast, she’s a dog, she’s a motherfuckin’ problem (I know)
Homie, she want water, hoe be running like opossum
You can’t stand them then you drop ’em
Hoes get messy, I’ma mop ’em
Hallucinogenic, addictive, have ’em rollin’ once I rock ’em
Bitch, I’m flyer than the cock-pit (Ow)
On Twitter, blow the topic (Duh)
Gotta pay the field, I’m the top pick
No cuffin’ me, I’ve got options
I’m a classy hoe, you a thot bitch
You a scratch off, they ain’t got chips
No pot to piss, tongue out
Wanna kiss this chocolate? (Mm)
No stoppin’ it, uh (Mm)
Miss Carter in the buildin’ now (I’m here)
Make ’em call me Mama Milli, ya’ll my children children now
Bust them down, gettin’ frost, can’t trust them now
Bitches hated that I made it, they a custom now
Aww, you a shy bitch
I’ll block a nigga while he typin’ (Damn)
Fuck, I’m a dude with some side dick (What?)
Put the pussy lips on your iris (Come on)
Now you see water, wavy bitch like sea water
Peanut butter seats like Jiffy [?]
Now dress a bitch, yeah, it’s queen Carter
Motherfucker, I kill

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