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Sorrow’s Eclipse

Sorrow’s Eclipse – tekst piosenki

You breathe, I’m not certain you’re solid, an abundance of time spent feeding the cloud.
Devising your legacy.

The weight of the sun upon our backs, with arms stretched upwards. The burdens we hold,
regret bottles inside. Free me from the grip of the bondage, the crushing weight. I yearn for the
wet mud upon my dry soul. Trudging through the sands of this world, only the sky knows,
understanding gravity. In the clouds the rain paints, tapping at my weak bones, weathered by
the sun.

You shot me your glances through the looking glass, yours eyes are the light. The amount of
time we spend looking in the past, our own demise.Enlighten the passage, like a river to the sea. We bleed for the unknown. We strive to be

Dislodged illusion from corners of our mind. Enchanting feelings deceive the sleeping kind. You
and I, we are very much the same, fueled by power and lies. Baby, my darling, my only one, we
are to drive directly into the setting sun.

Ambiguous desires forever morphing into a new form, new blood, new damage. Falsifying
reality, an attempt to seduce darkness. Blinded by the rays, intoxicating rays of life.
We are awake at last something they cannot take away. Take this oath faithfully. Serving a
lifelong purpose. The awaken, a movement without an identified end.

Our hands clasped tightly together, taking the leap and ending forever. The thunder surrounds
us as we plummet towards the ground. We are not the regal ones we once thought, we are not
the regal ones we once thought.

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