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The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith – tekst piosenki

In a time of wonder magic and myth there lived a loyal kings blacksmith

Devoted he was to his duty at hand daily the bellows and furnace he manned

Sword and shield he created with ease trinkets and treasures designed to please

But all that he knew was soon to end when along came the queen with a kettle to mend

Slowly she moved and slowly she spoke, clouded she was by the fire and the smoke

At last they met and their eyes did lock neither did flinch and neither did talk

She moved to him with flair and grace and then at last they did embrace

They kissed beneath the bellows call before she returned to the royal hall

He knew this was wrong that this was not right, the queen would come to him every night

For weeks and months they met like this in his forge they would steal a kiss

He felt shame in his heart at what had transpired betraying his lord, his king his sire

The love that he felt for the queen was wrong but day by day their love grew strong

At last they made plans to flee the court, to leave the castle, escape the fort

They would wait until the king was away together they would escape that day

He had an aunt in a far away land, who offered them shelter all would be grand

But his plans and love were soon to end when along came the king with an axe to rend.

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