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Killing Me ft. Rat Jesu

Killing Me ft. Rat Jesu – tekst piosenki

Forever killing me

Choking on my own words
Hoping that I end up dead
Ink hits the paper
But there’s nothing that hasn’t been said
I try to tell myself
That what I’m feeling is alright
I invalidate that:
“Suffering is daily life”

And ever
These thoughts won’t leave my mind
And ever
I’m fucking telling you it’s

Killing me
(Inside and I don’t reach out)
Sever me
(From this cloud of self loathing)

Can’t spill the vomit inside
Can’t stop telling myself lies
The world fucking drains my will to be alive

Rat Jesu:

It’s been killing me
A feeling of inadequacy
A shattered disappointment
Wrapped in rags of uncertainty
I push my head under the water so that I can feel clean
But the blood has stained my soul, I can never be free
I can never be free


I can never be free

Rat Jesu:

Abandoned on the pavement
Bleeding out, I’m fading away
I ask if this is the end
But this is everyday


Burden to my loved ones
I can never fucking fall asleep
Headed for disaster
No one ever hears me fucking scream

Rat Jesu:

So frustrating
Wish that I could end it all
I’m just fading
Nail myself onto a cross
Try again,
Again again
But I don’t feel a change at all
Try and fail
And fall, and spiral
Nothing left, can’t take it all


Forever and ever
They eat my soul away
Forever and ever
They fucking kill me

Killing me, sever me
Can’t spill the vomit inside, can’t spill the vomit inside
Can’t spill

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