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Moss Covered Bones On The Altar Of The Moon

Moss Covered Bones On The Altar Of The Moon – tekst piosenki

A walking I must go
Down through the dreary pine
To meet the woodsy lord
And make the sacred bind
I walk beneath the moon
Across her silent fields
Through forest and through marsh
With twilight as my shield

With twilight as my shield

She takes me in her shroud
And whisks me on my way
Down to the hidden copse
Where the sacred altar lay
Tucked amongst the pines
An ancient slab of stone
A long forgotten shrine
Bathed in moss and bone

And as the night grows still
And creeping shadows grow
I offer up my blood
To call the spirits home
Beneath the fields of stars
The old ones dance and sing
Round their ancient fires
A sacrament of flame

A sacrament of flame

Spirits converge under cover of night
Called down from timeworn stars
Forgotten keepers of the sacred pine
Forged in cosmic fire
Encircling the altar in the pale moon light
Called down by blood and bone
They forge their spectral bodies into mine
Imparting me with a sacred song

A blaze in the heart of a sleeping god
A long forgotten dream
Awakened by the cry of my flute upon the wind
He descends upon the glade
Amidst the mist the ancient beast beckons
A crown of antlers cradling the sky
Inside his heart the nightsong softly echoes
A forgotten spell to invoke the fated hand of twilight

To invoke the fated hand of twilight

A sacred path transpires
Born of dust and stars
The ghostly stag becomes me
I walk the path of ancient light

Born again amongst the stars
An ancient magic penetrates my soul
And with the sacred covenant fulfilled
The vision fades into the shadows of the blackened night

At the edge of twilight
I turn to leave
I pass my hands across the stone
A spell softly whispered
On the winds of time
One day I shall return
To the moss covered bones on the altar of the moon

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