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It Never Sleeps

It Never Sleeps – tekst piosenki

Now it wakes
Now it sees
It whispers in the night
And I hear
And I know
I’ll feel the ugly bite

All is lost
I feel the thing arrive
It hunts me
I am run down by a demon and eaten alive

Every night in the dark
I hear it calling me
Far at first, nearer then
Coming to bare its teeth

Then it’s here at the door
And it picks at the lock
And it pounds and it pounds
And it’s night after night
After day after night
And it never goes away
Until you hit the lights

The weapon of „knowing”
We’ll need where we are going
I will not desert you
And then it can not hurt you
It’s ugly. I’ve seen it.
I’ve felt the weight beneath it.
And now we lift it away.

The darkness resides deep inside
We choose to stand up and fight

The weapon of „knowing”
We’ll need where we are going
I fight here beside you
If you fall, then, so I do
So ugly. I hate it.
Hand in hand we will break it.
And now we send it away.

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